The critical element to email marketing...

How do we be that beacon of light that stands out in our market, niche, or industry? We must communicate in a way that makes us stand out from the slugs, duds, vampires, and leeches.

Here are six ways for us to get there.


1. Communicate in a way that rolls out the red carpet for our audiences.

If there's one thing people hate about gurus, it's getting treated like pond scum. No one likes feeling like a second-class citizen. 

Give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise. Let them disqualify themselves from your offers. We can't be everything to everybody, so make sure your communication and offers reflect that.

This alchemy is what most coaches, consultants, and experts miss in their messaging to attract the right people while repelling others.

Make sure your red carpet can attract the right people while making the wrong people trip on it.

2. Learn to earn.

Speed is power. Unfortunately, we move so fast online that sometimes we forget there's another human on the other side. Is it possible to connect and engage online so our tribe feels like it's an almost offline one-on-one experience?  

Yes. I believe there are ways.

If we can crack that code, the manna from heaven will flow our way via leads, conversions, and enrollments into our offers.

3. Make it easy for someone to give you their credit card.

Shouldn't even have to say this, but it happens all the time online. Use systems that benefit your audience, not the other way around. Make it easy and straightforward for them to take action. Just like a fast-food restaurant, we can have so many systems and processes that we're overprocessed (just like that burger) and malnourished (broke) even though we're getting in tons of calories (putting in 36-hour days online).

4. Make sure our vibe attracts our tribe.

Make sure to go out of the way to communicate with intention. 

5. Match your audience's optics.

Regardless of what stage of engagement they're at, create enough space mentally to understand what they seeing at that time. A big part of what someone thinks stems from how we craft our words. 

For this, we must at least know our audience's intent.

Is this person moving toward a solution? Are they moving away from something? Overall, people are either moving toward or away from things... which way pulls more in that person's mind?  

Accurately answering this question craft's their perception of us.

6. Be direct in our communication.

Be so straightforward that 20 generations of their unborn kids in their DNA can feel you touching them with your message... right now.

Seriously though. 

Love the people you wanna attract from the bottom of your soul. If we want to connect deeply, we gotta communicate from the soul. Legit offers and fair exchange mean nothing if we can't write tight...

...message with meaning...


...consciously connect to create engagement toward our solution to their problem.

If we take time to look, these laws of loving our clients are everywhere.

Let's connect some dots.

My challenge to you is to test these six laws. Let me know how they shift your energy and your revenue.


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