About Us

Of all the really terrible coaching ideas... like contacting local businesses by email... cold calling local companies out of the Yellow Pages... increasing the advertising budget... just to mention a few...

Virtually everyone attending my upcoming masterclass has bought into at least ONE of these common but poor solutions. These ideas are not only bad for growing and scaling businesses... they directly affect how people approach sales and marketing as well.

And all of the people watching this upcoming masterclass will be asking ONE question.

One question that, if answered, will send them away knowing they got more than their time's worth from attending.

One question, if answered, that will encourage them to spend more time with us and re-ignite their burning desires for more time, freedom... and money.

One question this upcoming masterclass will definitely answer:

“How can I improve my ability to get new clients?”

My name is Fred Smith. I'll share a bit of my credentials in a moment (and more during our masterclass).

For now, here's what I can promise you:

There's not a coach, trainer, guru or speaker alive that can teach enterprised-level, results-oriented sales and marketing skills like I can. That's not meant to brag. It's meant to cut through the clutter. It is my passion and has been my purpose since 2005.

Again, my name is Fred Smith. I'm a former U.S. Marine who has spent the last 20 years consulting and coaching multiple 6-10 figure business owners, brokers, "train the trainer"sales and marketing experts,  and industry professionals with the disciplined action methods packed into the Sales and Marketing 911 Methodology.

This is why I’m the perfect addition for growing and scaling your business.

By attending our upcoming masterclass, you will  discover for yourself why the "experts of the experts" contact Fred.


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